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The archive of information distributed by e-mail to the registered network members in 2013 is listed chronologically from the last e-mail information distributed backward. Information can be sorted by the fields and listed alphabetically.
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2013-11-14-084Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-11-11)
2013-11-14-083VetScite News Update (October 29, 2013)
2013-11-14-082Campylobacteriosis - USA (12): 2012, uncooked chicken livers
2013-11-14-081Influenza (62): WHO global update
2013-11-13-080VetScite News Update (November 12, 2013)
2013-10-26-079Short Research Stays (SRS) Scholarships in Belgium, 2014
2013-10-26-078VetScite News Update (October 15, 2013)
2013-10-26-077New issue of The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
2013-10-26-076Prion disease update 2013 (01)
2013-10-26-075Influenza (58): WHO global update No.196
2013-10-22-074Good Research Practice 2014 distance learning course
2013-09-29-073Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-09-28)
2013-09-14-072Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-09-13)
2013-08-23-071Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-08-22)
2013-08-20-070CGN minireviews on mycobacteria: (12) The significance of a negative USDA certified Map ELISA test
2013-08-20-069Leprosy - Brazil: thalidomide use, birth defects
2013-08-20-068VetScite News Update (August 20, 2013)
2013-08-16-067Legionellosis - USA (06): (OH) fatal, retirement community
2013-08-16-066VetScite News Update (August 6, 2013)
2013-08-16-065Campylobacteriosis - USA (10): (PA) unpasteurized milk
2013-08-16-064Avian influenza, human (102): China, susp.human-to-human infection
2013-08-16-063Johne's disease, bovine - Australia: (WA)
2013-08-11-062Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-08-10)
2013-08-04-061Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-08-02)
2013-08-04-060Legionellosis - USA (06): (OH) fatal, retirement community
2013-08-04-059Legionellosis - USA (05): (OH) fatal, retirement community
2013-07-26-058Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-07-25)
2013-07-26-057Legionellosis - USA (04): (WI) increased incidence
2013-07-26-056Heartland virus - USA: (MO)
2013-07-25-055EFSA aquatic ecotoxicology guidance
2013-07-25-054Clinical Research and Scientific Writing online training
2013-07-23-053Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-07-22)
2013-07-23-052Staph. aureus (MRSA) - USA: (NC) livestock-associated,farm workers
2013-07-23-051West Nile virus - USA (05): (TX) human, 2012
2013-07-23-050E. coli EHEC - USA (18): (NY) waterborne
2013-07-23-049VetScite News Update (July 23, 2013)
2013-07-11-048Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-07-11)
2013-07-11-047PRO/EDR> Influenza (41): WHO global update
2013-07-11-046Listeriosis - USA: fatal, cheese, recall
2013-07-01-045Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-07-01)
2013-06-13-044VetScite News Update (May 28, 2013)
2013-06-13-043VetScite News Update (June 11, 2013)
2013-06-04-042Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-05-31)
2013-05-21-041Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-05-16)
2013-05-17-040CGNI minireviews on mycobacteria (11) Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain
2013-05-03-039Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-05-02)
2013-05-01-038Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-04-26)
2013-04-30-037Veterinary Science Tomorrow (April 29, 2013)
2013-04-30-036Salmonellosis, st Typhimurium - USA (04): (MN) unpasteurized cheese
2013-04-30-035Avian influenza, human (59): H7N9 update
2013-04-30-034Avian influenza, human (57): H7N9 update
2013-04-22-033Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-04-22)
2013-04-20-032Foodborne illness, 2012 - USA
2013-04-20-031Foodborne illness, 2011 - Europe
2013-04-20-030Avian influenza, human (52): H7Nx sequence analysis
2013-04-19-029Avian influenza, human (51): H7N9 update
2013-04-17-028Avian influenza, human (48): China H7N9 update
2013-04-16-027VetScite News Update (April 16, 2013)
2013-04-16-026Avian influenza, human (46): China (H7N9) stealth virus
2013-04-15-025Avian influenza, human (45): China: H7N9, update
2013-04-13-023Avian influenza, human (41): China H7N9 update
2013-04-12-022Avian influenza, human (40): China H7N9 update
2013-04-07-021Cryptosporidiosis - Australia (02): (VI)
2013-04-02-020VetScite News Update (April 2, 2013)
2013-04-02-019Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-03-20 last part)
2013-04-01-018VetScite News Update (March 5, 2013)
2013-04-01-017Avian influenza, human (14): China (Shanghai, Anhui) H7N9, fatal
2013-04-01-016Mycobacterium abscessus - UK: (Eng) Cystic fibrosis, trans.
2013-03-27-015Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-03-22)
2013-03-26-014Aflatoxin, maize, milk - EU
2013-03-25-013Drug resistance now a catastrophe
2013-03-25-012Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-03-20)
2013-03-24-011Cryptosporidiosis - UK: food borne
2013-03-24-010Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-03-20)
2013-03-24-009FW: Australian bat lyssavirus - Australia (02): (QL) human fatality
2013-03-23-008The endocrine system and food safety (EFSA)
2013-03-22 007Paratuberculosis databases updated (2013-03-20)
2013-03-20-006Bovine tuberculosis - USA: (MI), bovine
2013-03-20-005Seoul virus - United Kingdom: (England) 1st detection
2013-03-19-004FAO-BiotechNews 1-2013
2013-03-19-003VetScite News (March 19, 2013)
2013-02-28-001VET MED 57 No. 12 BULLETIN FOR THE AUTHORS
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