GRP 2014 RESULTS updated 2014-02-01
An interest in the course and a positive evaluation by the participants are greatly appreciated.

Professor Karel Hruska
Course Manager

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From a history

Number of registered participants:       52
Number of successful participants:      20

Number of registered participants:       43
Number of successful participants:      22
Evaluation of GRP 2013 distance learning course by a participant from India (M.D., PhD in biochemistry and immunology):
In my view this was the best online course which is really worth pursuing. I really enjoyed this learning experience. The course had all essential topics and covered almost most of the features of good research practice. The assignments were designed in an interesting manner. After completion of each assignment, I had the real satisfaction of learning a new /important fact. Some of the lessons introduced me to new journals like ‘JOVE’. Honestly, I came to know about ‘Super course epidemiology’ in GRP only. Though some of the topics were already known, working on it, rebrushed the fundamentals and facts again. What was most surprising was the strict adhesion to time lines. Frankly, I would say, I am lazy when it comes to writing an essay or anything related to writing, but this course made me to stick to timelines and I found that with strict self discipline I was completing my writing work with ease. One could see how sincerely the assignments are evaluated, the result’s excel sheet contains all the information from the date of submission to marks on each task of all the enrolled participants. This shows how carefully the course is evaluated for each individual. I always used to wonder about how Professor Dr. Hruska is able to devote time for the perfect evaluation of assignments in spite of being a very busy academic researcher. The bonus points awarded for a good assignment was more appreciating and encouraging. It made me to do the assignments in the best possible way. Mistakes were also pointed out and a chance for correcting it was also given. With all these merits, the most important point is it is free of cost. It would be useful if such a valuable and perfect course in research designing (statistical methods) is available. I recommended GRP course to my colleagues and students. I don’t know if any of them had registered, but I tried to impart the facts and knowledge of GRP during my lectures to students. Altogether, this course was very useful for me and I enjoyed the learning experience of the GRP course.

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