Edmond PANARITI (1960)


Graduated (1984) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Univ. of Agriculture, Tirana, Albania.





Full Professor of Toxicology (2000)

Associate Professor of Toxicology (1995)

Doctor of Science, Thesis title: “Tissue distribution and Milk secretion of 131 I in ruminants following their experimental exposure” (1993)






Fulbright Research Grant in Toxicology, University of Mississipi, Department of Veterinary Science


Introduction to Environmental  Epidemiology. ( One week training course, Institute of Public Health,) Tirana Albania.


Hungary. . “Environmental Policy”- training course organized by US Environmental Protection Agency in Risk Assessment and Management. Diploma.


Fulbright Research Grant in Toxicology, University of Kentucky, Department of Veterinary Sciences. Kentucky USA.


Research project in Analytical Toxicology (Coumarine based rodenticides and colchicine analytical determination on different matrixes), Institute of Toxicology, University of Zürich, Switzerland.


Training course in Radioisotopes use in Biology. University of Zürich, Switzerland.


Training in Analytical Toxicology, Institute of Toxicology, Zürich. Switzerland.


Training in Radiometry and Radiochemistry. Institute of Nuclear Physics Tirana/Albania.





English, German, Italian, French (respective post-graduate language certificate).




Member of The National Food Safety Board (1999)

Member of the New York Academy of Sciences,USA (1998)

Secretary of Scientific Council, Institute of Veterinary Research (1998)

Member of the Ecological Club, Albania (1996)

Member of  the Public Health Society, Albania (1996)

Member of Scientific Council at the Institute of Veterinary Research (1992-1995)

Member of the Management Board of the Institute of Veterinary Research (1992-1995)

Member of Joint Twin Project Foundation, Horst. The Netherlands (1991 to date)





Editor in Chief of the scientific journal "Veterinaria" (1999)

Deputy/Director Institute of Veterinary Research (1998 to date)

Head, Food Safety Section, Institute of Public Health, Tirana /Albania (1996-1998)

Head, Department of Environmental Toxicology, Institute of Veterinary Research, Tirana, Albania (1992-1995)

Researcher, same department as above (1991-1992)

Researcher, Department of Radiobiology, Institute of Veterinary Research, Tirana /Albania (1984-1989)





Trainer in  Environmental Policy

Scientific leadership of several “Master of Science” thesis and “Doctorates”

Lecturer in postgraduates courses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine





Participation and contribution in several international conferences.  Multiple invitations from foreign universities as an academic guest for holding lectures and seminars.

Lecturer at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Agriculture in Tirana and in multiple postgraduate courses.




16 in Albania , 7 abroad.





A.      .Booklets and books


1.      Panariti E. (1984) “ The Implementation of a growth inhibition test for the determination of the antibiotic residues in meats” M.D. thesis. University of Agriculture of Tirana/Albania 54 pp (language Albanian, summary English).


2.      Panariti E. (1988) “ Secretion of radio-iodine 131 I into milk of small ruminants following the experimental contamination” Booklets and Textbooks printing house Tirana/Albania. 30 pp. (language Albanian).


3.      Tartari T., Memushi L., Aliçkaj Y., Panariti E. (1990) “ General Biology” Textbook for Foreign Language Secondary Schools (English branch). Scholar Books Printing House, Textbook Publishing House, Tirana, Albania. 289pp



B.     .Articles in journals


1.      Panariti E. (1981) “ Artificial antigens and their labor synthesis”. “ The student of Agriculture” vol. 16, 4

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