Professor: Giovanna BROGI BERCOFF, University of Milan, Italy



Generalities and Education:


Born in Switzerland: 6. 11. 1943. Obtained “diploma di Maturita classica” in Collegio Cicognini di Prato. Graduated in 1968 cum laude in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Florence (thesis on Slavian Filology:” Legend of S.Allessio in Russian and western translation”.

During her period of studies obtained two fellowship studies : in Poland and in Russia.


Knowledge of languages :

a) excellent:Italian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, English, French, German, Spanish, b)working:

Czech, Bulgarian, Serbocroat.


Work in Italy:

1968 - 1972 teaching in High Schools.

1972 Lecture of Slavian Filology, University of Urbino.

1984 Asoociate Professor.

1989 Professor of Slavian Filology, University of Urbino (Extraordinary Professor)

1992,Professor of Slavian Filology, University of Urbino (Ordinary Professor)

1994 Teaching History of Russian Language, State University in Milan

During the period of teaching in Urbino also working on a temporary basis replacing teachers of Russian Language and Literature (4 years), Russian Linguistics (2 years), Czech Language and Literature (1 year).

1993 -1994 President of the Course “Laurea in Lingue”, in Faculty of Literature University of Urbino.

University of Milan working on a temporary basis replacing teachers of Slavian Filology (1 year) and Polish Linguistics (1 year).


1998- 2001 Director, The Institute of Language and literature of Eastern Europe.

since 2005: Deputy Director, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Filological Studies Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, University of Milan, Italy


Didactic activities abroad:


1992 visiting lecturer, Department of Slavistic McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

1998 teaching at the PhD students course and experts like “Visiting Professor” at l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, IV Section, della “Université de la Sorbonne”,Paris.

2003 conducting the course of lectures as the "visiting Professor" at University of Edmonton (Canada).

Organized and/ or participated as a lecturer in numerous conferences, lectures and seminars in Italy, Harvard University, Yale (USA), Bonn and Würzburg (Germany), l’Institut d’Etudes Slaves (Paris-France), University of Poznan, Wrocław, Kraków, Warsaw (Poland), and Moscow (Russia).


Profile of publications:


Other Functions:


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